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Marine Attack Squadron 231


Marine Attack Squadron 231


To Marine Aviation, the Ace of Spades symbolizes some of the greatest exploits and the most outstanding names in the history of Marine Aviation. It is the insignia of VMA-231 whose history virtually epitomizes the story of Marine Aviation. After being re-designated the First Air Squadron, the unit adopted the legendary Ace of Spades Insignia. With the Ace being the first card in a suit, it symbolizes the first Marine Corps squadron. The "A" in the upper left stood for the word "Air" while the "S" in the lower right represented the word "Squadron".

VMA-231 began as 1st Division, Squadron D, on 8 February 1919 at Marine Flying Field, Miami, FL flying the JN-4D Jenny; a unit that emerged from the Northern Bombing Group of Northern France in 1918. By the end of February, the newly activated squadron arrived in Santo Domingo for duty with the Second Brigade. The unit was re-designated in 1921 as First Air Squadron. In August 1922 it was re-designated Observation Squadron 1 and converted to the DH-4B Liberty.

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