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Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14


Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14


WORLD WAR II (1942-1950)
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14 (MALS-14) was originally activated on 1 March 1942 at Camp Kearney, CA, as Headquarters and Service Squadron 14 (H&HS-14), Marine Aircraft Group 14 (MAG-14).  Several months later, on 1 July 1942, H&HS-14 was re-designated as Headquarters Squadron 14 and embarked in two elements aboard the SS PRESIDENT MONROE and the SS LOURLINE at San Diego and sailed for the southwest Pacific.  The squadron arrived at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, in time to participate in the naval battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942.  In 1943, after six months of actively fighting the Japanese, the squadron went to Auckland, New Zealand.  The entire squadron embarked for New Georgia at the end of August 1943 where they helped support the successful landing on Bougainville during November 1943.  Three months later, Headquarters Squadron 14 sailed to Green Island, Solomon Islands, where it continued routine work for MAG-14.  In January 1945, the squadron was relocated to Damar, Philippine Islands.  During this time, pilots from Headquarters Squadron 14 were assigned transport missions that included flying members of various Group Departments to Leyte on official business and missions to deliver parts and mechanics for the repair of standard Corsairs.  The squadron moved with MAG-14 to Okinawa in May 1945.  After hostilities with Japan came to an end, the Squadron remained in Okinawa as part of the occupation force.  In February 1946 the squadron sailed on board the HSS Prince William arriving one month later at MCAS Oak Grove, New Bern, NC.  A few months later, the squadron moved to Cherry Point, NC, but returned to Oak Grove in December 1946.  The strength of the squadron had been reduced during a demobilization period and the squadron was used primarily for the training of enlisted personnel.

MALS-14 participated in Operations CAMID II, COMBINE, and SEMINOLE throughout the Korean War.  On 15 June 1952, Headquarters Squadron 14 was re-designated Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron 14 (H&HS-14) and was relocated to Edenton, NC.  On 15 February 1954 H&HS-14 was re-designated Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron 14 (H&MS-14).  The squadron again relocated in 1958 back to Cherry Point, NC.  During this time, H&MS-14 was engaged in routine training and operations.

COLD WAR (1980-1990)
On 1 October 1988, H&MS-14 was re-designated as Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14 (MALS-14).  The squadron is now organized as a core unit capable of absorbing groups of augments associated with specific aircraft types and squadrons.  The MALS concept allows the squadron to provide logistics support to an Aviation Combat Element (ACE) with a variety of type/model/series (TMS) aircraft, each with specific missions.  It also facilitates the simultaneous support of separate aircraft detachments.  MALS-14 has continued to improve the ability of Marine Aviation to deploy worldwide by establishing and refining organic Contingency Support Packages (CSP) and Fly-In Support Packages (FISP) for KC-130, EA-6B, and AV-8B aircraft.

MALS-14 served as the test bed for the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS).  With the successful introduction of the NALCOMIS prototype in December 1988, the NALCOMIS program with the Shipboard Uniform Automated Data Processing System-Real Time was implemented.  In July 1989, MALS-14 was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for service from 1 July 1986 to 1 August 1988.  In September 1989, MALS-14 conducted a liaison visit to the SS WRIGHT (TAVB-3) to plan an ACE embarkation and logistical support for the 6th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) in case of deployment.

Subsequent to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on 3 August 1990, MALS-14 coordinated the consolidation of aviation logistical resources from all logistics squadrons assigned to 2d Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) to form MALS-14 Forward (FWD).  MALS-14 also coordinated the load plan of 2d MAW’s maintenance facilities (MFs) and personnel aboard the SS WRIGHT and SS CURTISS.

On 27 August 1990, MALS-14 FWD deployed to the Persian Gulf for Operation DESERT SHIELD, while MALS-14 CONUS continued to support MAG-14. MALS-14 FWD arrived in Southwest Asia and became the first fully functional MALS in theater.  MALS-14 FWD provided effective logistical support to the 4th MEB and elements of I MEF. In December 1990, MALS-14 FWD was transferred from CG 4th MEB to CG 3d MAW for duty to support MAG-13 FWD at King Abdul Aziz Naval Base, Saudi Arabia for Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM.  MALS-14 FWD absorbed MALS-13 FWD and the MALS-14 follow-on echelon to form MALS-14.  MALS-14 support of MAG-13 FWD represented the first MALS support for different aircraft.  At the conclusion of Operation DESERT STORM, MALS-14 returned to Cherry Point on 1 April 1991.  This concluded the first combat deployment for the squadron since WWII, which resulted in its selection as the first winner of the Marine Corps Aviation Association’s “MALS of the Year” Award and awarding of the Navy Unit Commendation Medal.

In accordance with Marine Corps force realignments, MALS-14, along with MALS-32, planned and executed the deactivation of MALS-32 and the transfer of MAG-32’s remaining structure to MALS-14 in 1993.  In December of 1998, Marine Aviation Logistics Support Element deployed to Aviano Air Base, Italy, to support a Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare (VMAQ) Squadron in Turkey.  Within three months, combat support operations were resurrected against Yugoslavia, particularly the province of Kosovo.  The operations against Serbia saw the buildup of 22 EA-6B Prowlers and additional MALS-14 personnel to Aviano.  The air war that waged over the skies of the former Republic of Yugoslavia became known as the Kosovo Campaign.  A small contingent of Marines from MALS-14 remained in Aviano to execute the movement of Enhanced Mission Mobile Maintenance Facility One Logistics Unit One (ELU-1).  The return of the Prowler squadrons to Cherry Point brought a long non-deployment cycle; however, Marines supporting Marine Attack Squadrons attached to the 22nd, 24th, and 26th MEUs continued to deploy to the Mediterranean and particularly the Balkans.

On 29 January 2003, MALS-14 deployed a detachment of 180 Marines aboard the SS WRIGHT in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.  This operation also involved another 100 Marines to be deployed on the USS BATAAN to provide aviation logistics support to two AV-8B squadrons and over 50 Marines to be deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia, in support of two EA-6B squadrons.  Following the return of the SS WRIGHT in early 2003, MALS-14 began sustaining combat operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM II.  MAG-14’s EA-6B, C-130, and AV-8B squadrons deployed numerous times, both on land bases in Al Asad, Iraq and as part of MEU deployments to the CENTCOM area of responsibility.  MALS-14 supported each of these squadron deployments with a cadre of maintenance and supply Marines. From 2004 through 2007, MALS-14 deployed an average of 300 Marines per year outside the continental United States.  As well as provided additional support for the 22nd MEU (SOC) for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  In 2008 MALS-14 deployed four EA-6B and two KC-130 squadrons in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Over 150 Marines worked alongside MALS-16 at Al-Asad Air Base, Iraq.  During that year, MALS-14 also supported three separate MEUs totaling over 100 Marines.

2009 brought with it a switch in focus, shifting from Iraq to Afghanistan.  In early February, MALS-14 deployed 70 Marines, 56 Mobile Facilities, and 540 tons of equipment to establish MALS-40 in support of MEB-40.  In October 2009, 26 MALS-14 Marines deployed with VMAQ-1 to Bagram, Afghanistan, in direct support of CENTCOM operations in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  Several weeks later another detachment of Marines deployed to Afghanistan, this time with Marine Attack Squadron 231 (VMA-231) who positioned themselves in Kandahar, Afghanistan. That year, over 100 Marines deployed to Al-Asad with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron-252 (VMGR-252), VMAQ-3, and VMAQ-4.  MALS-14 also supported two MEUs in 2009.  In April VMA-542 deployed aboard the USS BATAAN in support of the 22nd MEU and in July, VMA-223 started workups for the 24th MEU aboard the USS NASSAU. The final deployment for 2009 was a detachment of 13 Marines replacing MALS-40 personnel.

In 2010 the aviation efforts in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM were coming to an end, but Operation ENDURING FREEDOM was still receiving numerous deployments from MALS-14.  100 Marines from MALS-14 supporting VMGR-252, VMAQ-4, VMAQ-3, and MALS-26 returned to Cherry Point from Al-Asad, Iraq.  Another 31 Marines supporting VMA-231 in Kandahar returned in May. MALS-14 provided direct support to VMAQ-1 and VMAQ-2 in Bagram, Afghanistan using 50 Marines, 11 MFs, and a 7,000 mile logistics chain reaching back to Cherry Point.  MALS-14 also supported VMA-223 on the 24th MEU, VMA-542 on the 31st and 26th MEUs, and VMGR-252 in the Horn of Africa with over 100 Marines during 2010.

In 2011, MALS-14 continued its high octane deployment cycle. Early in the year, 36 Marines from various divisions of MALS-14 were deployed to support MALS-40 in Afghanistan.  During this time, MALS-14 doubled its share of its monthly engine production and produced eight F402 AV-8B engines in June 2011 to support VMA-513 in Afghanistan.  Later in the summer, 30 Marines replaced the first wave of Marines deployed to MALS-40 in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  Other Afghanistan deployments in 2011 supported by MALS-14 were VMAQ-1, VMAQ-3, VMAQ-4, and VMA-223.  Two Harrier squadrons (VMA-542 and VMA-231) sent planes supported by MALS-14 to the 22nd and 26th MEU.

Between 2012 and 2014 MALS-14 assisted in many deployments as Operation ENDURING FREEDOM started to slow down its operations and turn toward MEUs, UDPs, CENTCOM operations, and Special Purpose Marine Air Group Task Forces (SPMAGTFs).  Every year during this time about seven operational deployments and nine deployments for training are supported by MALS-14 towards the efforts on the Global War on Terror.  In 2014, MALS-14 took the lead in CAROLINA DRAGON, a TAVB operational exercise involving all the MALS of 2d MAW.  This operational exercise tested the capability of the MALS in embarking MFs and supporting intermediate level maintenance and supply operations aboard the SS WRIGHT. 


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